Michael Conrad Tadpol Tilstra

25 Aug 2023

Fair day!

MN State Fair from SkyRide
14 Aug 2023

Someday, I’m going to try going to lcoalhost and it won’t be what I expected… 💻🧑‍💻

31 Jul 2023

Boys wanted to try grilling watermelon, and then somehow a banana appeared.

Watermelon slices and banana on a grill
17 Jul 2023

Sea caves on Devil’s Island.

Sea caves on Devil’s Island
30 Jun 2023

Finished reading: Tasting History by Max Miller 📚

16 Jun 2023

Am being mildly reminded that there is not much sleep in a sleepover.

03 Jun 2023

Taking a moment to contemplate why I decided to insulate the shed when it was 90°F outside. Realizing of course, the reason is because it is that temperature.

28 May 2023

My new grill toy

Weber gas grill with Connect Temperature monitor
10 May 2023

Recently discovered that one can do per entity custom overrides in Home Assistant. Nicely solves the issue where some sensors were not getting line charts because of missing units.

26 Apr 2023

It would be nice if potato salad lasted as long as it takes to make it.

06 Apr 2023

Also two cats

05 Apr 2023

Two cats

04 Apr 2023

Whoever said, putting a cat back in the bag was hard didn’t know what they were doing.

03 Apr 2023

More flowering cacti.

02 Apr 2023

Winter hasn’t given up yet.

01 Apr 2023

Since I’m so close to the thirty days pin. Going to post a mishmash of photos for a few more days here.

Some flowers on a cactus.

31 Mar 2023

Things that require practice #mbmar

30 Mar 2023

Two mirrors at 90°. #mbmar

29 Mar 2023

Apple slice #mbmar

28 Mar 2023

Prompt #mbmar

27 Mar 2023

The right person is the best support #mbmar

26 Mar 2023

Instrument #mbmar

25 Mar 2023

One packet of spice #mbmar

24 Mar 2023

Court #mbmar

23 Mar 2023

3D printed die. Chance #mbmar