Michael Conrad Tadpol Tilstra

22 Mar 2023

Some ants from my son’s collection. Insect #mbmar

21 Mar 2023

Tiny blocks #mbmar

20 Mar 2023

My internet enabled cactus. Houseplant #mbmar

19 Mar 2023

Going to analog via scratch built DAC. #mbmar

18 Mar 2023

Sort of a portico #mbmar

17 Mar 2023

Early morning sunrise at Halls Crossing #mbmar

16 Mar 2023

A road that used to lead home. #mbmar

15 Mar 2023

ok. Cell magic in Jupyter is awesome. How did I not know about this before?

%%script duckdb … is so winning.

15 Mar 2023

Patience #mbmar Patiently waiting for the kids to walk up.

14 Mar 2023

Horizon #mbmar

13 Mar 2023

Connection #mbmar

12 Mar 2023

A shiny coin from my son’s collection. #mbmar

11 Mar 2023

#mnbar old photo of a knock off charger for gimcrack

10 Mar 2023

#mnbar A morning ritual

09 Mar 2023

#mnbar together

08 Mar 2023

#mbmar Ready for a walk?

07 Mar 2023

#mbmar whole apple (not for long though)

01 Mar 2023

There is a strange sort of mixed feeling here. Finished up a set of changes and related tests. Then ran the full suite of tests and watched as some other, supposedly unrelated, tests fail. Hurrah, the tests did their job and sadness as I now need to figure out how those are related… 💻

14 Feb 2023

This is why I work from home. 🐱

02 Feb 2023

Am so confused at how much variance there is from digital humidity sensors across the main floor: 28% 52% 37% 50%

Not sure where to start looking for why this is.

29 Jan 2023

Antenna breaking off does rather explain why this sensor stopped working.

27 Jan 2023

Finally finished the DIY garage door controller. 💻

24 Jan 2023

welp; after five years of pretending that i’d write my own backend, finally just switched over to one that works.

24 Jan 2023